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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

2. Currency and Exchange Rates

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Australian Dollar = 47.457 Russian Rouble.

This graph shows the exchange rate for the previous 120 days -

(Looking at that, I'd say we would have had more bang for our buck back in May)!

Looking at this site, The Money Converter, it tells me the latest exchange rate for the Australian dollar is AUD$1 = 47.457 Russian Rouble.

I have no idea if that's a good rate or not, but it will be interesting to see how our Australian dollar compares six months down the track and when the time comes for me to travel (to Russia). I remember when I went to Viet Nam in 2012, the Aussie dollar was high - it was on a parity with the US dollar, and the dong was 21,000 dong to one dollar Australian. Pretty good seeing as how in the LP travel guide of a few years before that, the rate was 16,500 dong = AUD$1. Those heady days of 2012 have gone and the Aussie dollar is 16,700 VND.

I found it easy to get used to the Japanese currency, the yen was easy to understand, the coins and notes easily identifiable, so no confusion there. Did you know I was a Millionaire several times over back in 2011? Yep, I certainly was - $125 bought you a little over one million kip (LAK) and we joked how we were millionaires. Well we were, there is nothing that says your millions must be in dollars! Ah, those were the days. Of course you couldn't do anything with the money any where else outside Laos, being an inconvertible currency you were rather stuck with it. Same applied to the Vietnamese dong. I travelled up through Viet Nam then flew into China from Hanoi to Xian, only to find I was stuck with thousands of dong - the Chinese banks wouldn't change it, but I was fortunate that a couple staying at the same hostel were crossing into Viet Nam in two days and needed to get rid of their Chinese money, so we worked out the going rate and swapped.

Above: Russian Banknotes

Will have to have a hunt around for their coins, from what I have seen so far, there are kopecks and rubles, and so many kopecks make so many rubles. Unless I got that wrong. Mm. better go do some checking now. Don't go away, now ......back soon.

The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (sometimes written as kopecks or copecks; Russian: копе́йка, kopeyka; plural: копе́йки, kopeyki)

This is probably the best photo I could find of the coins - in fact there weren't that many around. OH there were umpteen pictures of coins but not all were today's ones.

This is a good graph, easy to read and understand, you can calculate at your finger tips. No more having to work out well if one dollar is x rubles and ten dollars is xy rubles, then 250 dollars would be ... and then waste time trying to work it out.

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